Hi! My name is Sydni Cleckley and I am a general studies major. However, I am highly interested when it comes to health. One aspect of health I wanted to focus on is having students comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention. Starting with stress! Stress can ruin a person’s day, or when more severe even parts of their life. It is important to find healthy ways to deal with stress. So, I will take a further look at MEH 1.8.25 – Explain positive and negative ways of dealing with stress. (HBO 4)

Here is four ways of dealing with stress:

1. Talking to yourself (I know what you are about to say, but hear me out first)

Bring yourself up in a positive way (by telling yourself “I can succeed” or “I am doing great”) and not being so negative (“I can’t make it” or “I am stupid”). When you say negative things about yourself, it only increases stress. Therefore, talking to yourself in a positive way helps control stress.

2. Taking a break

There are many aspects in one’s life that can effect stress (work, school, home, etc.). Have you ever heard the saying, think before you speak? Well, next time you are stress and/or upset with a situation (count to 10 before you speak your mind, take some deep breaths, or walk away and come back). Here’s another good one, drive in the slow lane or avoid busy roads to help you stay calm while driving. I am guilty of this! I am a patient person until it comes to traffic. So, this is one I will work on.

Remember: don’t be negative! Forget the road rage, avoid the conflict with a friend/family/significant other when you know it is not that important to fight about and take a break!
3. Finding a hobby

When you constantly do things you truly enjoy, stress is likely to occur and are likely to decrease. Some of my hobbies is rock climbing, running, enjoying nature or something as simple as listening to music. All of those are positive ways for me to deal with stress. However, activities that you don’t enjoy or not choosing to do things you enjoy on a daily basis will not benefit you (which brings out more negative stress).

4. Daily Relaxation
One of the best ways to relax is yoga, or some form of this. And you might not believe it, but yoga is more challenging then you might think. Every time I do yoga, I instantly feel better and feel as though I get a work out from it. The best part about yoga is that there is videos online where you can follow along for free! Of course, there are classes you can take. But if you are tight on money, don’t stress yourself out more! Do it at home.


Obviously, I have given more positive ways to deal with stress than negative. However, I hope you find this helpful and I will be writing more about concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention on my blog!

Thanks for reading. If you want more information on this topic, go to this sites where I found my information.





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