When it comes to my personal experience, I enjoy engaging in activities that help me stay happy. Any type of physical activity helps me because I am less stressed and more positive afterward. For example, I enjoy sports! One of my favorite individual sports is rock climbing. If I want to rock climb, I can go by myself and not get frustrated by relying on someone else to be there with me to perform the activity. Another activity I enjoy is running. Running always claims me down and it does not matter the distance. A new sport that I recently tried was mountain biking. Being my first time, I was nervous, a bit scared and excited. Let me tell you, that was a fun experience. It is something I could see my doing in the future to get things off my mind.

However, not all activities have to be physical to calm one down. I also enjoy writing and watching movies. Writing is one way to express my feelings. By writing my feelings out, however I want, makes me feel relaxed. Movies are just fun and they are more fun when I watch them with friends and/or family. Furthermore, if I am feeling stressed, a comedy is the best choice in that case! If all else fails with these activities, I can just talk to someone. Talking to someone usually makes my problems less of a worry.

Basically, just find an activity that best suits you. Obviously, mine are more active, but anything that claims me down and makes me happy will do. Because, I believe everyone should live life to the fullest, and being happy will make that ride a whole lot smoother! 🙂


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  1. taymarfry says:

    When I’m feeling stressed or have too much on my mind, I also like to be active so that I can focus on other things. I think what helps me most is when I just sit back and think of all the good things in my life and the things that aren’t an influence on my stress levels. Talking to people also helps. It feels good to be reassured and encouraged by others telling you that things will be okay and that everything will work out for the best.

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  2. Cole Bonewit says:

    This is a great topic, especially for college students. Students suffer from stress all the time due to tests, projects, relationships and so on. I personally get stressed quite often and try and deal with it similar to the ways you do. When I feel stressed I find the weight room and lift. This is a positive was to release stress and allow me to think about things. Another great way to deal with such stress is talking to people because most of the time they have been in your shoes and can talk you through it.


  3. kmnegley says:

    I loved how you focused on doing things that make you happy when stress creeps into your life. You sound like a passionate person about life and I love that! I too like to try and live life to the fullest! That’s the only way to live it. It is very important to find ways to relieve stress, otherwise it will keep piling up. I also find it helpful to write out feelings. That is when you are the most honest with yourself. Personally, I love to play sports and be around people. I will play any sport and socialize with anyone who wants to just talk! Doing devotionals also are a great outlet for me. It takes me back a little and appreciate everything great in my life. It makes me look at my stress as good stress (eustress). Even though we are poor, stressed college students, it all goes toward a bigger goal! I am so fortunate to get a college education, so I think I can handle some sleepless nights and still be happy about it. We just have to change our attitude:). Have you every heard that song, “Don’t worry, be happy?” :).


  4. jnrowland says:

    Stress is often a huge problem I have to deal with in my life and I am just like you, I love being active. It takes me away for a while. I agree that doing these things and also talking about it to others can definitely help! Great post!


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