Let’s talk about relationships, in general. It is completely normal for someone to hold a relationship with someone else. That someone else can be a boyfriend or girl friend, a friend or best friend, a mother or father, daughter or son, sister or brother and even an acquaintance. No matter the reason you know a person, it is considered a relationship when someone shares interaction with another person, whether that is in a good or bad way. Therefore, I would like to add ways to establish and maintain healthy relationships with others to sustain good mental and emotional health.

I’m sure many people already know that it is important to have great communication when it comes to a relationship. According to, there are several ways to improve communication between partners (boy friend or girl friend). Speaking up, respecting your partner, learning to compromise, being supportive and respecting each other’s privacy are all great ways to communicate feelings. For example, if you don’t like something your partner did or said, it is best to speak your mind (especially if it is going to continue to bother you). From my own personal experience, I have been told and have learned personally myself, that it helps not to criticize about the problem. However, it is good to talk in a calm and collected tone, because sometimes your partner won’t agree with you, especially if you are raging about a problem.

Furthermore, boundaries are also good to add in a relationship. Hanging out with your friends without your partner, participating in activities that you enjoy, not sharing everything (such as an email password), and knowing that the both of you have differences should be put into consideration.

Other good points that this website has is about things NOT to do in a relationship. Some of them are common sense. However, some people still make these common mistakes.

  • Understand that it is not fair to expect someone to change the way they act or make decisions the way your would
  • Some people forget to focus on their own needs. Make sure you are not throwing out your own needs and ALWAYS putting your partner’s first.
  • Make sure you include family, friends and other close people to your in the loop. Obviously, you don’t have to tell them everything, but it is nice to have a support system.
  • Lastly, remember to do what is best for you and that is going to best benefit your mental and emotional health within the relationship. Some people compromise in a relationship because they don’t think they deserve better or can find better.

For more information on this topic, check this website out:

When looking at other relationships, they have similar ways to deal with healthy relationships. says, communication, sharing, respect and trust all contribute to a healthy relationship. Actually this website has great scenarios that would be helpful to look at:

By taking all these tips and information into consideration when in a relationship will be helpful. Also, they are sure to maintain and establish mental and emotional health.

And if you are still not sure, take the QUIZ!

Here is a quiz to see if you are in a healthy relationship:


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  1. James Johnson says:

    I liked the information that you posted on relationships. As I just got out of a bad relationship, it’s good to see some positive thoughts for when I decide to get into my next relationship. I really enjoyed all the helpful cites to go and look at for extra information.


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